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REOTrans Reviews

3 Reviews for REOTrans:
  Average Rating: 6.0
    Listing Quality: 5.7
    Value: 6.7
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"Banks and Institutional Sellers Nationwide use REOTrans to Manage and Sell Foreclosed Properties."

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User Comments:

NOT Recommended Been on their site for 2 years... Nothing - April 12, 2010
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  We have been registered on the site for 2 years already and recieved absolutely nothing. No REO listings and every time there is a BPO blast assignment it gets snapped up immediately.
We even did a higher pay rate of $50 per month with 20 zip codes and NOTHING. Is it worth the money? No not in my opinion. We have spent a total of $1,200 over the past 2 years and it has been a waste. Why did we keep it for so long? Because other agents on the internet said they were getting listings often. Not sure how true that is... Heres an honest review from a Realtor that has wasted too much money on something that has not at all paid off.
Recommended Satisfied - February 11, 2009
Overall: 8 | Quality: 7 | Value: 10
  I signed up in June of 08. I had less than a 1 years experience as an agent. It costs me 8 dollars and some change, every month, for the zip codes I cover. I've received 5 listings so far. I made over 3700.00 on just one of those sales. It took about 3 months before I got my first listing and then they just kept coming.
Recommended Highly Recommended! - January 7, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  I have been on REOTrans for several years and would highly recommend it to anyone!!