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  Average Rating: 6.0
    Listing Quality: 4.3
    Value: 6.7
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User Comments:

NOT Recommended 11731 Bear meadows s.e. Alto Mi. 49302 Overpriced Handy Mans Special. - December 4, 2016
Overall: 1 | Quality: 1 | Value: 0
  After visiting this home we discovered it to be a handy man special. notice in the pics the kitchen ceiling is blackened,these are not shadows,rather a stove fire that was transferred to the sink that metled the plastic sink. This home needs a total carpet replace, its the 12 yr. old blue carpet,with horrific staining from the dogs and cats that lived there. The walls are damaged and needs a total paint job. The water tested as HIGH iron,the entire community has to have water softeners. and you have to pay the land owner 73.00 a month to live in this community. We feel over priced for sure! maybe worth 35,000 to 45,000 at best. Was advertised as FHA,not true! DOES NOT QUALIFY.
Recommended Really good! - November 25, 2008
Overall: 9 | Quality: 6 | Value: 10 is a great source to start scoping out your next potential property. It really has a ton of listings, but the only downside is that there sometimes isn't a terrible amount of detail in the listings, and when you contact the listing agent, they never get back to you.
Recommended Lots of listings! - September 24, 2008
Overall: 8 | Quality: 6 | Value: 10
  I use this to get a feel for what is on the market in a specific area. It is an excellent tool to start searching for new homes. My only problem with this service is that you get really limited information if you are not a Realtor. However, the number of listings this thing has is great!