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19 Reviews for
  Average Rating: 3.2
    Listing Quality: 3.2
    Value: 2.9
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User Comments:

NOT Recommended Misleading buyer beware - August 3, 2018
Overall: 2 | Quality: 0 | Value: 2
  We used a few years ago and had success; however, things have changed for the worse since then and our experience was very disappointing. While our listing did get put on the MLS, the problem is that instead of our contact information appearing for potential buyers to call, random agents that have paid for the ad space on the major sites like Zillow, etc. are getting all of the calls and our info is nowhere to be seen. It defeats the purpose completely of selling by owner. Waste of $400.
Recommended Turned out pretty good - April 6, 2017
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  Used them to buy a home and I got some money back at closing. Overall I was very happy with the process. My agent was very good and helpful. Will use again.
NOT Recommended Disaster & Fraud - March 7, 2017
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  Totally misled....this is run terribly and lost me valuable time..... no one knows what's going on......I am planning to only use ForSaleByOwner instead.
Recommended Excellent customer service - August 29, 2016
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  We listed two homes with
The customer service representative both times was excellent. We paid for the MLS listing and had many showings. Both homes sold quickly.
NOT Recommended Fraud, deceitful - October 23, 2015
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  Don't use them.
We paid our money, but could not find our MLS listing. When we contacted them, their email stated:
I have never known any MLS to allow members of the public to search the MLS agents belong to. I am thinking perhaps we are looking at two different sites.
We never were able to see our listing on an MLS site by searching, but they sent us an MLS number and link that enabled us to see pictures of our home.
We did not receive even one call as a result of purchasing their service, but received over 50 calls from our FSBO listing.
They are fraud. Don't use them.
NOT Recommended TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE - September 3, 2015
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  I listed my home with A week later, multiple phone calls and emails, my home is still not in MLS or They "escalated" my problem. No response ever. Don't waste your time or money!!! I will try to cancel and get a full refund. Unfortunately I can't recoup the value of my wasted time.
NOT Recommended Didn't work out - September 2, 2015
Overall: 3 | Quality: 3 | Value: 1
  Isn't it funny how you don't seem to find the negative reviews (that you happen to agree with) until AFTER you buy something? That is the case with for us. We bought the MLS package and as others have said it is slow to set up, the MLS providing realty company does almost nothing to help, the web portal is extremely limited once you sign up (you don't even get a link to you MLS listing), and any issues are handled very slowly via some third-world call center. We were really hoping that would provide a higher level of service, especially since we paid for the top-level package, but it seems that the most impressive part of is the pre-sales rhetoric. I agree with most of the other negative comments posted here. I wish I could point out some positives, but I just can't think of any right now. It was a total waste of money and time for us. Oh, and we "just missed" our cut-off date for a refund.
Recommended Oshkosh WI - April 14, 2015
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  Wayne Arnoldson from provided excellent service. He referred a local Wisc contact to me and she entered my information in the MLS. The process went smooth. The reviews that rated owners poorly did not understand the amount of do it yourself work involved. I completed form for 30 years in my career and this process is fine.
NOT Recommended Worst Decision - July 20, 2014
Overall: 1 | Quality: 1 | Value: 0
  I wish I never wasted my money to list my home with this service. Some random realty agency I have never heard of is contacted whenever you request to see my home or get more information. What is the point of having a for-sale-by-owner listing if potential buyers cannot contact you. Your contact information will not be listed on the page. Second, when I called to discuss this, I received the WORST customer service ever. It is difficult to actually get someone on the phone and when you finally do, they are rude and unhelpful. Don't do it!
NOT Recommended watch out for the mls listing - June 10, 2014
Overall: 1 | Quality: 2 | Value: 2
  Make sure you read all the fine print. I signed up for the mls listing service to get on They send you to to get on the realtor & trulia. After 3 weeks of no activity, we decided to cancel our listing. We went to and cancelled their listing, but didn't realize I needed to go to monster listing to get off which I didn't do.
I had several contacts with customer service. I always ended up being frustrated. Trying to save money caused me way more grief. Go to a real agent and forget the headaches of selling yourself. I will never do this again. Sellers beware
NOT Recommended Terrible - December 29, 2013
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  There is no point in paying money to advertise on the MLS websites if potential buyers cannot contact you! There was nothing but trouble with this company. First, they didn't put up all my pictures. So I emailed them and they fixed that. Then I asked them to reduce the price. They emailed me back but did not lower the price. 2 weeks later I asked them again and they fixed it. Lastly they somehow removed the phone number with the extension that they advertise on your listing which is supposed to transfer potential buyers directly to your phone. How are people supposed to contact me?? I emailed them and no response. I tried call their number and no one answers. This business does not care about your listing! I never had one person contact me through the MLS, probably b/c they could not get ahold of me. $500, what a waste of money!
Recommended To the Recue - September 20, 2013
Overall: 9 | Quality: 8 | Value: 9
  I am using to advertise for sale by owner home on MLS.
At the start of the process I was frustrated with the technology to get information back and forth with realtor. I expressed my frustration and fear of the company due to reviews in an email and was immediately contacted by management of directly. He put me in touch with personal realtor and the story ends well. Just waiting for the right buyer to call. Due to immediate support, i have suggested this service to several other people in the for sale by owner arena.
It is of course not a full services since the flat fee is low. If it had been the usual 3% it would have been full service. However having said that, the realtor was absolutely at my disposal for questions.
NOT Recommended You don't get a full-service listing on MLS or - August 12, 2013
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  Put in contact with realtor who tried to sell me a 0.5% full-service listing. Told that people would be able to contact me directly for MLS (can't verify) and that there'd be a toll-free number that would play my number for people to call. That's true, but the broker's number is identified prominently next to my house's picture; the toll free number is listed along with property details. Wasn't comfortable listing and shouldn't have done it. Received no calls for 2 weeks. Only 1 site visit in 2 weeks (probably my own). Not worth it.
NOT Recommended Bad Service - October 12, 2011
Overall: 1 | Quality: 1 | Value: 0
  After they got your money, they don't care to fix your problem. I paid $295 for Showcase package. My ad supposed featured on, MSN Real Estate, Yahoo Real Estate but nothing happened there. When I called customer service, operators always said it be updated within 24 hours. For a month, that 24 hours never came. Please don't sign up with, it wasted your money.
NOT Recommended Worst flat fee MLS - September 14, 2011
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  Avoid please
NOT Recommended FRAUD - August 25, 2011
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  They do not honor the lifetime listing. They wont let you check your message box unless you pay an additional fee and they send you fake emails to get you to try to pay to see them. COMPLETE FRAUD. I have NEVER has a legitimate response from even when i have access to the message box. Sending complaint to the attorney general. THEY ARE CROOKS!!
Maybe Recommended Promising but still needs work - February 11, 2011
Overall: 6 | Quality: 7 | Value: 4
  I purchased the MLS/ package and a custom yard sign. Be prepared for a slow startup to get everything up. After the MLS finally got up, there were two big typo errors that, if I didnt catch, would have created big problems. First was that my contact number in the MLS was WRONG. I happened to talk to a buyers realtor that was nice enough to point it out to me. It was nothing that I could verify since I dont see that information. Who knows how many calls I may have missed. Second was that the square footage was off by 1000 on the listing. Regarding the yard sign, it took them a week to get me some generic For Sale yard sign that I could have purchased from a hardward store for $10. There is supposed to be some custom banner that I put over it with my number and website on it... two weeks later I have nothing. If they can get their act together, there are alot of tools there to get good exposure, but everything needs to come togehter quickly and at the same time to get a proper "launch" and that didn't happen.
NOT Recommended scam - March 11, 2010
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  Do NOT use a flat fee mls listing to "help" sell your home. It is a scam. We paid $499 and didn't get any traffic from it through who turned it over to Realmart Realty. We decided to do an email test and what we got in response to our inquiry re: viewing the specific property was (1) an email from a broker offering mortgage services and (2) an email many days later from a realtor stating our inquiry was forwarded to her and here are listings of HER properties. NOTHING about getting in touch with the FSBO to view our property. They aren't helping YOU, they are helping THEMSELVES. Try it from a different email and you will find out for yourself.
Recommended Decent amount of reviews, lots of ads. - March 28, 2009
Overall: 7 | Quality: 8 | Value: 7
  Most sites don't have that many ads because people pay to list, however this site does have a lot of ads on it, so they sometimes get in the way. Plenty of listings though.