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    Listing Quality: 4.5
    Value: 4.5
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" contains a wealth of information to help you learn more about real estate."

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User Comments:

NOT Recommended Realtor - December 15, 2011
Overall: 0 | Quality: 2 | Value: 0
  I trusted when they sold me $1,000 worth of optimization for my website. Calling me throughout the day to sign up. Once I did, they did nothing and I can not get anyone to call me back regarding a refund. Such a shame that companies like this can rip you off so bad. Search for homes somewhere else.
Recommended Decent MLS Site - January 26, 2009
Overall: 8 | Quality: 7 | Value: 9
  Overall, this is a pretty useful site to start your searching on. You can find homes in your area and request more information without having to pick up the phone.
It has a section to search for foreclosures, but it is just an affiliate for realtytrac. You can't see the foreclosures unless you sign up with realtytrac...