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Foreclosure World Reviews

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"ForeclosureWorld, and is a trusted and time-tested service, utilized by investors and first-time home buyers for over 14 years."

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Price: $383 lifetime subscription

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User Comments:

NOT Recommended - Bummer! - January 7, 2009
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  This company is a classic rip off. I am an attorney specializing in real estate and probate. I went on-line to order what was represented as an inexpensive access program for foreclosure listings. These lowlifes got my information and sent me a box of materials for some nondescript real estate investing program and charged it to my credit card. I had to go through several months of fighting this company before they retracted their false claims. Do not provide them your credit information or YOU WILL BE SORRY!