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Foreclosure Listing Reviews

There are a few stages of foreclosure. Pre-foreclosure is when the owner misses a few payments. Foreclosure is when the bank actually forecloses on the house and sells it at auction. Post-foreclosure can be the redemption period. Acquiring properties is a totally different process at any of these stages. The single biggest piece of advice is to know what you are doing before messing around with foreclosures. It is a risky business and a lot of people end up losing a lot of money.

Most of the foreclosure process is a matter of public record; anyone can go look up foreclosures in their area for free. Unfortunately, it is difficult to decipher the legal documents and it takes hours to sort through all the notices to find what you really need. Thankfully, we have a number of online services that help you organize and sort through all this information. Not all foreclosure listing services are created equal; make sure you take a look at the reviews so you know what you are getting into.

Service Name Overall
# of
4viv 8.0 1
Absolute Foreclosures 2.0 2
AOL Real Estate 8.0 1
Bank Foreclosure Listings 8.0 1
Bank Foreclosures Sale NA 0
Bank Houses NA 0
Bargain Network NA 0
Buy Bank Homes NA 0
E Foreclosure Search NA 0
Email Foreclosures 2.0 1
Fig3 5.0 1
Foreclosure Connections NA 0
Foreclosure Data NA 0
Foreclosure Data Bank 5.0 2
Foreclosure Data Online 8.0 2
Foreclosure Deals 10.0 1
Foreclosure Free Search 9.3 3
Foreclosure Listings Nationwide NA 0
Foreclosure Point 3.0 1
Foreclosure Reporting NA 0
Foreclosure Repos 1.0 1
Foreclosure Store 1.5 2
Foreclosure Support NA 0
Foreclosure Times NA 0
Foreclosure Warehouse NA 0
Foreclosure World 0.0 1 NA 0
Foreclosure1 NA 0 9.0 1
ForeclosureNet NA 0
Foreclosures NH NA 0
Free Foreclosure Database 1.3 3
Free Foreclosurez 6.5 2
Home Mortgage Foreclosures NA 0
Lender Must Sell 8.0 1
Mostly Foreclosures NA 0
Preforeclosure Alert NA 0
Real Estate Disposition Corporation 8.0 1
Real Estate Foreclosures NA 0
Realty Store 8.0 1
Realty Trac 0.0 3
Registry Line 6.0 1
REOTrans 6.0 3
Trulia 6.0 6
US REO Properties NA 0
Yahoo Real Estate 8.0 1

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